Casinos in Macau now face new regulations.

Every year for the past twenty years, the Chinese government has celebrated National Day by giving its citizens a weeklong holiday known as Golden Week. People often take advantage of these few days off to go on vacation, perhaps to Macau to enjoy the city’s many casinos. The government has reported fresh incidents of COVID-19 contamination, suggesting that this year will be different. Because of this, people are staying closer to home in an effort to contain the disease. The future of casinos in Macau City is likely to be profoundly affected by the current round of cancellations.

Another round of contamination has been reported.

Macau’s health officials reported two new cases of coronavirus infection on Saturday, September 25. Two hotel security guards were discussing a recent incident. These two people tested positive during routine screenings.


The government, realizing the urgency of the issue, acted swiftly to implement control measures to halt the progression and avoid further pollution. Screening programs among the city’s citizens are one example of the measures taken to limit freedom of movement.


Presenting a PCR test validating one’s health status is now required for any and all travel within or beyond the city. Presenting a test result that was conducted more than 24 hours ago is unacceptable. If the result is affirmative, it goes without saying that further travel will be impossible.


Due to the above-mentioned new contamination occurrences, many people have decided to postpone or even cancel their vacation to Macau. The health of some of them was a concern, and they did not want to take any chances.


Some people said they were terrified to return after their trip to Macau because they did not want to deal with the precautionary measures again, while others simply did not want to be confined.


The numbers show that between 40 and 50 percent of potential visitors were planning to visit Macau City during the Golden Week (October 1–7). They aborted due to unforeseen circumstances. These estimates don’t even include the foreigners who were planned to travel for the same event; they’re based only on Chinese nationals.


It’s worth noting that this wave of cancellations will have a significant influence on the already struggling economies of casinos, which have been hit hard by the onset of the health crisis. Many casinos, bars, and other businesses relied on the Golden Week gambling boom to help them get back on their feet financially.


Macau, a former Portuguese colony, has had a particularly difficult time getting its activities back on track compared to other jurisdictions, despite the fact that casinos and other gaming enterprises were only shut down for two weeks in February 2020.


The decline in visitors to the city is one source of their problems. If the golden week doesn’t pan out as planned, it could be the final nail in their coffin.

The key issue is the cancellations, as experts don’t know if citizens will change their minds and no one can force them to. Some people think that the restrictions connected to travel bans can be lifted soon.


China will likely redouble its efforts to combat covid-19 in the future in light of the recent reports of new instances. And because of doubts about the efficacy of immunizations, authorities are likely to reinstate a zero-tolerance policy in response to the pandemic. Macau’s casinos might not close until 2022 or 2023 if the current state of affairs persists.

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